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Roper Reports Canada is a national syndicated marketing and public opinion service providing marketing research expertise to both private and public sector clients.

The service is patterned after the highly regarded Roper Reports service in the United States. Roper Reports is North America's most comprehensive database for tracking, analyzing and forecasting consumers' attitudes, behaviour and lifestyles.

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Two surveys a year (Spring and Fall waves) are conducted in person, in-home among a nationally representative sample of 1,200 Canadian adults 18 years of age and older.

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Unique Features

Roper Reports Canada offers clients the opportunity to get involved - from questionnaire development to report delivery.

Roper Reports Canada offers clients the opportunity to customize the database by adding custom proprietary questions to each wave to identify and profile their specific target market (e.g. category users or brand users). Clients benefit from customized research at syndicated prices.

Roper Reports Canada covers a wide range of subject areas each wave. By rotating topics Roper is able to examine and report on consumers' attitudes and behaviour in a wider context than might otherwise be affordable through proprietary research.

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Survey Content

Roper Reports Canada provides insight into trends driving general markets, such as:
· Consumer confidence   · Leisure pastimes
· Brand loyalty   · Corporate images
· Purchase influences   · Shopping preferences & behaviour
· Consumer acceptance of new technology   · Consumer lifestyles
· Personal goals & aspirations   · Media usage and sources of information

and specific markets such as:
· Advertising   · Food & Nutrition
· Automotive   · Government
· Banking & Personal Finance   · Health & Beauty Products
· Beverage Alcohol   · Healthcare
· Computers & Technology   · Travel

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  • Strategic Planning - to obtain information on what Canadian consumers are thinking, doing and buying.
  • Marketing Intelligence - to obtain information on how consumers buy and use specific products and services.
  • Product Development - to identify new product opportunities by monitoring consumer interest and trends.
  • Advertising - to assess consumers' media habits, sources of information and preferences.
  • Public Affairs - to monitor public opinion on issues directly related to their business.

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Roper Reports Worldwide

Roper Reports™ provides unparalleled insight into nearly everything consumers think, do and buy, with globally comparable intelligence to help marketers develop winning strategies around the world. The survey is conducted annually, among 30,000 respondents in 30 countries.

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